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Serving Rockbridge and Bath Counties in Virginia

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May 28th, 2016
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 Welcome to the Rockbridge Area Master Gardeners Association (RAMGA) website. We are volunteers who have received training through Virginia Tech and the Rockbridge County Cooperative Extension office to provide horticultural information, techniques and advice to our community.

Horticultural Helpline  -  Call 463-4733

RAMGA has a Helpline Desk located in the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office in Lexington  (on the 2nd floor of the County Courthouse Building on Main Street).  We're available Monday through Friday during the growing season from spring until fall to take your telephone calls or inspect your samples. Information on plant care and Soil Test Kits are also available at the Extension Office. We'll be happy to take your questions or problems by email as well ( If we can't answer your question immediately, we'll email or call you back with information.


Gardening Clinics 

RAMGA conducts clinics at various locations several times a year. Please check our Events Calendar for upcoming clinics.


For either the Helpline Desk or our Gardening Clinics, here are a few tips to help us provide you with the right information:

  • If you need a plant identified, please bring in a sample large enough to determine the size and growth habit.  Please bring in an entire stem or branch, not just a leaf.

  • If you suspect insect damage or disease, please bring in a sample showing both the problem area and some healthy growth (if any).  Again an entire branch or stem will help us determine the problem.

  • Clear digital photos are good for email identification, but please keep the photo to a reasonable file size...under 200kb is ideal.

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